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End-to-End Testing

End-to-end testing is a critical phase of the QA process, in which the entire application flow is thoroughly tested from start to finish in order to ensure seamless functionality and performance.

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Requirements coverage

Our Experts review, analyse all software requirements, apply various testing principles to ensure 100% requirements coverage.

KPI reports provided upon request.

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User Experience Testing

evaluating the design, functionality, and overall user satisfaction of software. It aims to identify and address issues that may hinder a seamless user experience, ultimately enhancing the usability and accessibility of a product.

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Change Verification- Regression

Customised testing suites to validate software changes and regression testing is performed to ensure software quality was not impacted by change.

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Exploratory Testing

No Requirements! no problem.
we have a highly qualified team of experts that can fully test your application, provide a set of detailed test cases for future use to ensure software quality.

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